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Philippines: On the Ground in Manila

February 14, 2024 | 3 minutes

My journey to Manila marked the beginning of an adventure long in the making. It was here, in the heart of the Philippines, where anticipation met reality as I prepared to meet Mika, someone who had become an integral part of my life over two years of conversations, despite us never having met in person. Our first encounter was not just a meeting; it was a profound connection coming to life.

The moment we met

The scene at NAIA International Airport's Terminal 2 was charged with excitement and a touch of nervousness. Amidst the hustle, our eyes met, and smiles spread across our faces, bridging the gap of miles and screens with a heartfelt embrace. This embrace, filled with warmth and disbelief, was a testament to the journey we had embarked on together, finally stepping into each other's worlds.

Our sky view of the city

Our Airbnb in the sky offered more than just a place to stay; it was a window to the soul of Manila. Perched on the 31st floor, the breathtaking view of Manila Bay served as a backdrop to the first morning spent together. The serene waters, bustling port, and the city waking up below us provided a moment of tranquility and awe, setting the tone for our exploration of this vibrant metropolis.

Intramuros: Walking Through History

Intramuros, the heart of Manila's history, was our first adventure together. Walking its cobbled streets and exploring landmarks like the Manila Cathedral, we were transported back in time, surrounded by the echoes of the city's colonial past. Our exploration was humorously punctuated by encounters with persistent trike tour drivers, each promising the best tour of the historic district. Their eagerness added a layer of local flavor to our experience, embodying the warm and welcoming spirit of the Filipino people.

Fort Santiago: Reflections on the Past

Fort Santiago offered a deeper dive into the nation's tumultuous history. Walking through its gates, we felt the weight of stories held within its walls—from Rizal's final moments to the battles that shaped the Philippines. This visit was not just about seeing a tourist spot; it was about understanding the resilience and struggles of the people who have shaped this country.

The Vibrancy of Manila's Streets

The streets of Manila presented a vivid tapestry of life that defies easy description. The drive to Intramuros was an initiation into the city's notorious traffic, a seemingly chaotic flow that operates on an unspoken set of rules. The diversity of Manila's neighborhoods showcased the city's contrasts—from modern developments to communities that have creatively claimed spaces along the river. These scenes painted a complex picture of survival, adaptation, and the stark disparities that coexist within the city.

ArtInIsland: A Creative Escape

Seeking a creative interlude, we visited ArtInIsland, an interactive museum that became a playground for our imaginations. Here, art leaped off the walls, inviting us into a world where perspective shifted with each step. The highlight was a room transformed by 360-degree video projections, enveloping us in changing landscapes that offered a cool and immersive escape from the city's humidity.

Conclusion: A Prelude to Palawan

Our initial days in Manila set the stage for an unforgettable journey. From the emotional highs of our first meeting to the rich tapestry of experiences in the city, Manila served as a perfect backdrop to the beginning of our adventure. As we looked forward to exploring Palawan, the excitement for what lay ahead was palpable.

This chapter in Manila was just the start—a blend of personal milestones and cultural explorations that promised a journey filled with discovery, connection, and unforgettable memories. Stay tuned as we venture further into the beauty of the Philippines, with the enchanting landscapes of Palawan waiting to unfold.

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