I'm a PNW raised, designer, developer,
and strategist.

A little about me

Hi, I'm Seth.

I make my home in Pasco, Washington. I have one of the cutest dogs on the planet that I'm aware of. I'm fascinated by Apple, Tesla, and Space X. I'm not really a beer guy but I can put down some Diet Coke. I bought a Purple mattress because I bought into the hype and I don't regret it. I marched in the Rose Parade my senior year of high school. Forever Go Cougs!

About Me 1


Made the switch to the Mac when I started college in 2002. Day one adopter of the iPhone and OG iPad. I really appreciate their approach to design and marketing, even if I don't 100% always agree with the final result.


Model 3 owner since 2018. I love how they're taking a different approach to the automotive industry as a tech company. Here's my shamless referral link

Royal Family Kids

A non-profit serving local kids who've been in the foster care system–victims of abuse and abandonment–providing a week-long summer camp and school year mentor program. I've been volunteering with RFK since 2005.

Smart Home Stuff

I've been making my home "smart" for awhile and having been building some fun stuff, like automating lights for when I'm working from home, turn off AC if I open windows, night time routines, and more.

Let's connect and let's create something together.

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